Product Features

The right angle coordinate Robot, DRA Series is a compact high-rigid construction and excellent
in high speed and high precision location decision.
Since there is a wide selection of products, optimal selection is possible.

P Series is operated with Ballscrew and the applied motor is attached paratactically for space use.

▣ A wide selection of the products Line up
- DRA70, 90, 120, 140, 170, 200 (Base Width)
▣ A wide operation range
- 100~2,000mm
▣ Available for high load transfer or high speed operation
- 170Kg, 2.5m/s

게시판 제목
Model Speed Stroke Payload DOWNLOAD
DRA70B-P series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~750mm 6kg~50kg(Horizontal), 3kg~10kg(Vertical) dwg step
DRA90B-P series 250mm/s~1500mm/s 100mm~1500mm 20kg~140kg(Horizontal), 20kg~23kg(Vertical) dwg step
DRA120A-P series 250mm/s~1500mm/s 100mm~1500mm 20kg~140Kg(Horizontal), 20kg~23kg(Vertical) dwg step
DRA140A-P series 250mm/s~1500mm/s 100mm~1500mm 21kg~210Kg(Horizontal), 7.5kg~50kg(Vertical) dwg step
DRA140C-P series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~2000mm 7kg~15 Kg(Horizontal), 3kg~9kg(Vertical) dwg step
DRA170A-P series 250mm/s~2000mm/s 100mm~2500mm 38kg~460 Kg(Horizontal), 10kg~82kg(Vertical) dwg step
DRA200A-P series 250mm/s~2000mm/s 100mm~2500mm 30kg~460Kg(Horizontal), 10kg~82kg(Vertical) dwg step
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