Product Features

▣ Outline
- Device with super high speed and precision, using Fiber Laser.
- For 2D&3D cutting, Suitable for Sheet Metal cutting.

▣ Application
- Cut Smart Phone Metal Case and Main Frame, etc of Metal Production in 2D, 3D.
- Major Manufacturing Company: SEC, LG, iPhone Smart Phone Case, so on

▣ Main features
- FLaser : Class 500W Fiber Laser(Available in various high power laser).
- Driving part: XYZ axis(+ θ1, θ2 can be added)→ 3axis or 5axis operation.
- XYZ Positioning Accuracy : 0.015mm.
- Travel Speed : 50m/sec, (Acceleration : 10 ㎨).
- Automatically adjusts the focal position & Spot Size.
- Height Sensing Function (by Capacitive Sensor).
- Easy 2D or 3D Programming
- Graphic UI.