Product Features

▣ Outline
- The device marking permanentely like a Font, Logo, Bar Code on metal/nometal using Laser.

▣ Application
- The company carving permanentely like a Logo, Part NO. Srieal No on a semi condoctor,PCB, FPD,
Smart-Phone,Automobile parts, wood, so on on all the industrial fields and products.
- Main Company: Manufacturing industry of Display, Semi conductor, PCB, so on or general industry

▣ Main features
- Laser : According to the bagic material, wevelength in different area like Fiber Laser, Green Laser,
UV Laser are used.
- Beam Positioning with super high speed and precision, using Scanner.
- Speed : 600 characters/sec.
- 1 Head or 2 Head.
- On-the-Fly Marking.
- 2D or 3D Marking.
- plt, bmp, dxf, ai, jpg ,,, Other graphic file.
- Graphic UI.