Product Features

▣ Outline
- The selectively micro-Soldering Device, using Diode Laser.
- According to minimaturization trend for electric components, Contactless soldering device that can solder
precisely at the place where it's difficult to solder

▣ Application
- Micro electric component related to Mobile phone.
- Camera Module, AF Module, Mic, Speaker, Opto-Electronic Parts.
- For automobile electric device.

▣ Main features
- Laser : Diode Laser
- Beam Spot Size : 0.2mm~
- Solder Feeding : Solder Wire or Solder Paste
- High Speed, High Precision XYZ Table
- Fiducial Function
- Soldering Temp. Control
- Easy Temp. Profile Generation & Monitoring
- Graphic UI
- Unit system that Robot(Desktop, Cartesian) applied is available

게시판 제목
Model Align Vision Type Robot DOWNLOAD
FLS-30F(자동) Dispenser X2, Laser Fully-Auto (Loder/Unloader) Dual Stage/Loader/Unloader
FLS-30B(반자동) Dispenser X1, Laser Semi-Auto Dual Stage
FLS-30D(수동) OK Off-Line Cell Single Stage
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