Product Features

▣ High rigid body and high precision location controll
▣ By the use of Stepper Motor/Belt, applicable for various applications
▣ For the expandability, available for high performance and high efficiency work
▣ Applicable for various fields like a soldering, dispensing, etc.
▣ A wide selection of products, 2axis,3axis,4axis
▣ High rigid aluminum and Gantry construction( enhancing the Y axis stability)
▣ Rated load: 1kg(High speed type), 2kg, 5kg (normal type)
▣ The maximum precision degree for repeat location ± 0.01 mm
▣ Power source : 100 ~ 230 VAC, 50/60 HZ
▣ Motor 2상 Stepper motor, micro step
▣ Drive Type : Belt , Ball screw

게시판 제목
Model Stroke DOWNLOAD
DTR-M-2205 200mm*200mm*50mm(XYZ) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-22 245mm*245mm(XY) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-2208 245mm*245mm*80mm(XYZ) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-2208R 245mm*245mm*80mm*±360˚(XYZR) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-33 300mm*300mm(XY) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-3308 300mm*300mm*80mm(XYZ) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-3308R 300mm*300mm*80mm*±360˚(XYZR) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-44 400mm*400mm(XY) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-4408 400mm*400mm*80mm(XYZ) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-M-4408R 400mm*400mm*80mm*±360˚(XYZR) dwg step jpg pdf
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