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Multi Axes Contorller

Product Features

iM-Σ series is characterized by high speed, accuracy and
motion stability because it adopts high performance of
a digital amplifier which is controlled by 16 & 32 bit DSP.
It is designed to control from 2-axis robot to 8-axis robot
or 8 single axes robots at once.

▣ Cost effective All-in-One fuctions
: Combined functions of motion control, servo drive and
PLC function into a compact unit

▣ Multi axes control
: More oveer 2 axes of DRM, DTR, DSM and DLM series robots
at the same time.

▣ Various options and extensive usage
: Touch screen, CCD camera, magnetic sensor, photo sensor,
solenoid, MPG etc. Max. 8 axes extension and
optional network (CC-Link, ProfiBus)

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iM-Σ-2 dwg jpg pdf
iM-Σ-4 dwg jpg pdf
iM-Σ-6 dwg jpg pdf
iM-Σ-8 dwg jpg pdf
IM-Σ8(Dual) dwg jpg pdf
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