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Single Axis Controller

Product Features

iMS-J series is a single axis controller which is characterized
by high speed, accuracy and motion stability because it adopts
the latest 32bit RISC CPU and intelligent power module.

▣ All in One - Control system including motion control, servo amp
and sequence function
▣ Various Application - Synchronous operation, position transfer
by bit. Tranfer by external pulse without motion operation.
▣ Easy Application - Torque sensing and various outputs by time or interval
▣ Remote control and programming by RS232/422 interface
▣ Easy operation and monitoring by touch screen
▣ Various motor brands compatible
▣ User-friendly input and output bit
▣ Efficient scalability for feeder unit, IO transmitter, extension IO and so on
▣ IO control by CC-Link or ProfiBus converter

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Fram 1 (100W, 200W, 400w) dwg jpg pdf
Fram 2 (600W, 800W, 1000w) dwg jpg pdf
Fram 3 (2000W, 3000W, 4000w) jpg
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