Product Features

DTR-S series is designed to combine high precision and
accurate positioning functions into compact unit with
high rigid structure.
Various models with servo motor achieve the best performance.

▣ AC servo motor (Power : max. 100w)
▣ X,Y,Z aixs are Ball screw (Φ15, Lead 10mm)
▣ Z axis has a brake motor
▣ Positioning repeatability +/-0.01mm

게시판 제목
Model Stroke DOWNLOAD
DTR-SU2-33 300mm*300mm(XY) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-3310 300mm*300mm*100mm(XYZ) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-3310R 300mm*300mm*100mm*±360˚(XYZR) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-44 400mm*400mm(XY) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-4410 400mm*400mm*100mm(XYZ) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-4410R 400mm*400mm*100mm*±360˚(XYZR) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-35 300mm*500mm(XY) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-3510 300mm*500mm*100mm(XYZ) dwg step jpg pdf
DTR-SU2-3510R 300mm*500mm*100mm*±360˚(XYZR) dwg step jpg pdf
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