Product Features

DLM series(Linear motor) provide the solution of the demand for
higher speed, precision, enhanced quality and performance.

▣ High accerleration - The max. accerleration of 2G contributes
to save the cycle time
▣ High accuracy - The positioning accuracy is +/- 10㎛ per 300mm
▣ High speed - The max. is 2m/s.
▣ Max. 5000mm stroke
▣ Multi movers - 2 or more movers are on a single actuator and
can be operated independently

게시판 제목
Model Continuous force Peak force Payload DOWNLOAD
DLM155 Series 60N~480N 150N~1200N 3.5kg~70kg(가속도에 따라 상이함) dwg step jpg pdf
DLM190 Series 60N~480N 150N~1200N 2.5kg~67kg(가속도에 따라 상이함) dwg step jpg pdf
DLM210 Series 240N~480N 600N~1200N 29kg~65kg(가속도에 따라 상이함) dwg step jpg pdf
DLM260 Series 240N~960N 600N~2400N 27kg~147kg(가속도에 따라 상이함) dwg step jpg pdf
DLM280 Series 480N~960N 1200N~2400N 66kg~147kg(가속도에 따라 상이함) dwg step jpg pdf
DLM290 Series 480N~960N 1200N~2400N 64kg~144kg(가속도에 따라 상이함) dwg step jpg pdf
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