Product Features

DRMC series has successfully proved their reliability for
corresponding to clean class 10 and higher precision and
load capacity. There are wide range of models which can
apply for various work.

▣ Particle Restriction
: Internal particle is minimized with steel cover which seals up
the gap between slider and base and components are
processed by aftertreatment

▣ Suction
: Higher clean class is maintained because suction valve pulls out
internal particle by force

게시판 제목
Model Speed Stroke Payload DOWNLOAD
DRMC70-S Series 500mm/s 100mm~400mm 10kg(Horizontal) kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRMC88-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1100mm 7kg~20kg(Horizontal) 3kg~9kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRMC120-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1100mm 30kg~80kg(Horizontal) 8kg~35kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRMC140-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1100mm 30kg~80 kg(Horizontal) 8kg~35kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRMC180-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1500mm 60kg~120 kg(Horizontal) 15kg~45kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRMC265-S Series 330mm/s~1320mm/s 100mm~2500mm 90kg~350 kg(Horizontal) 80kg~150kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
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