Product Features

DRM series includes various line-up of products and
meet various applications featuring high rigidity and payload.

▣ DRM-S : Ball screw, Straight type (Motor in-line type)

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Model Speed Stroke Payload DOWNLOAD
DRM50-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1100mm 7kg~15 Kg(Horizontal), 3kg~9kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRM60-S Series 500mm/s 100mm~400mm 10kg(Horizontal), 7kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRM80-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1100mm 7kg~20kg(Horizontal), 3kg~9kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRM115-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1100mm 30kg~80kg(Horoaontal), 8kg~35kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRM130-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1100mm 30kg~80kg(Horizontal), 8kg~35kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRM160-S Series 250mm/s~1000mm/s 100mm~1500mm 60kg~120kg(Horizontal), 15kg~45kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRM200-S Series 500mm/s~2500mm/s 100mm~2000mm 40kg~150kg(Horizontal), 5kg~60kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
DRM250-S Series 500mm/s~2500mm/s 100mm~2000mm 40kg~170kg(Horizontal), 7kg~80kg(Vertical) dwg step jpg pdf
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