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Research and development strategy

Manufacturing Robots &
Robot-applied System
R&D Strategies

R&D Strategies
  • Develop globally competitive products in the field of assembling/transfer robots.
  • Diversify projects for semiconductor robots.
  • Consolidate the competitiveness of products in the FPD (LCD/PDP/OLED) field.
R&D Results
  • Developed high-rigidity, high-precision clean Cartesian robots (Clean Class 10).
  • Developed the Korea’s first twin-X type desktop robots.
  • Developed simultaneously controlled 8-axis multi-tasking motion controllers.
  • Developed heavy-load-capacity horizontal articulated robots (max. load capacity: 20kgf)
  • Succeeded in the domestic development of 12” wafer handling robots.
Future R&D Plan (applications)
  • Develop micro-compact, high-speed, high-accuracy clean robots
  • Compact, high-speed, high-accuracy, horizontal articulated robots
  • Articulated wafer handling robots
  • Large glass handling robots

Service Robots
R&D Strategies

R&D Strategies
  • Secure key technologies
  • Identify innovative products
  • Establish R&D systems
R&D Results
  • Developed the Korea’s first emotional pet robots.
  • Participated in URC model projects for public service robots and the like.
  • Won the 2006 Prime Minister Award for Developing service robots in the sector of enterprise technology evaluation.
Future R&D Plan (applications)
  • Commercialize pet robots targeting general consumers.
  • Commercialize public service, store service and educational service robots